Top 3 Best Parks in France

Zoo parks remain one of the best destinations for tourists. However, for these tourists to enjoy their trip, it is essential that they go to the best park. With this in mind, we have selected three of the best parks in France. If you have a tourist trip to France or you are French, please read this article to know the best parks to go to.

Vincennes Park

Vincennes tops the list of the top 3 best parks in France. This title is made possible thanks to its wonders and its animal wealth. What to find in this park? In this park, you will have the chance to find several animals such as white rhinos, giraffes, wolves, penguins and many other wild animals. Note also that this park ensures the conservation of animals, so that even animals whose species are endangered are present. Vincennes stands out from other parks because of its size, its landscape and the mild climate. In short, it is one of the best parks to visit.

The Beauval Park

Beauval is one of the best parks located in France more precisely the Loir-et-Cher, one of the French departments. What surprises await you in this park? A diversity of mammals up to 3000 including birds and 7000 insects, fish and reptiles are available in this park. Covering an area of 35 hectares, Beauval Park has a large area for animals to thrive. You will also find giant pandas and their babies in this park. Apart from the animal diversity that you can visit, this park provides tourists with 364 hotel rooms for your dinner, rest and many more.

The Arrow Park

Impossible to mention the zoo of the arrow in our selection of the best French parks. In fact, it is one of the iconic parks of this country. You would have missed a surprise if you don't visit this very wonderful park. On its 18-hectare surface area live more than 1600 animals of 160 different species. A visit to this park will be magnificent.