UNESCO Heritage Sites for Tourism

Tourist sites in a country are of paramount importance for the emergence of tourism. Among these wonders, some are classified as UNESCO World Heritage sites. This article will introduce you to them and also the criteria on which the classification is based. So you are invited to read it for knowing more about UNESCO heritage site for real tourism.

The tourist sites listed in the UNESCO heritage

There are almost a thousand tourist sites in the UNESCO World Heritage List. However, it is important to know about ten in this list. They are scattered in many countries, so among them, we can note :

The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador

the Kremlin and Red Square in Russia

Rapa Nui National Park or Easter Island in Chile

Yellowstone National Park in the USA

The Old City of Damascus (Syria)

The Giant Panda Shrines of Sichuan (China)

The works of Gaudi (Spain)

The historic district of Old Quebec (Canada)

Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord in Norway

Victoria Falls (Zambia and Zimbabwe)

These sites are classified as either a natural or a cultural site. And 15 countries in the world total the majority of the sites listed in UNESCO's heritage.

The criteria for being classified as a UNESCO heritage site

There are 10 criteria for classifying a natural or cultural site as UNESCO heritage. The site must :
Manifest the creative expression of human genius
Demonstrate human values
Reveal culture
Give an example of a stage in man's existence
Be used or visited often
Be a symbol of tradition, beliefs, art or literature
Be very beautiful
Be part of the process encompassing the history of the earth
Be part of the process of development of plants, animals
contain important natural habitats
To find out more about these criteria, please visit the official UNESCO website. For, there are so much criteria.

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