Tourism in the middle of Covid: which destinations are the safest?

Are you reluctant to go on a tourist trip during this very critical health period? You are right to be concerned. However, it is possible to have a safe holiday outside the country. In this article we present you with some destinations that will make you happy during this pandemic.

5 Tourism rankings

After thorough analysis, we have identified 5 destinations where you can go despite the covid-20. At number 1, we have Egypt. It is a country located in the North African region. It is the safest of all. It is a very popular place for French tourists. The sun is present 9 hours a day. So you can enjoy many activities per day.
In second place, we find Australia. When we mention the name of this country, we immediately think of surfing, kangaroos, koalas and its immense wilderness, but amazing. The rate of corona virus cases is almost zero. In addition, it has a sunny landscape and a less dense population.
China with its spectacular Great Wall comes third in our ranking. It may surprise you to find China in our proposals, since it was the focus of the virus's spread. But don't worry. The country has managed the crisis very well. The number of cases of the disease is now very low. This has propelled it to the top of the International Health Regulations scores.
Next is Thailand. It is not possible to go there at the moment because of security restrictions in France. But once accessible, go there with your head down. Because it is one of the safest places to visit.
In the last place, we have Morocco. It also stands out for its low rate of spread of the virus. Like its neighbour Egypt, it is a popular destination for the French. You will love spending your holidays there.

Take Care of Yourself

The fact that these destinations are reassuring is no reason for you to neglect safety measures once you are there. Make sure you follow the safety precautions to avoid putting your health at risk.

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